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Whichever time of the year you wish to visit Texel, you can enjoy our beautiful nature. Texel has lovely woodlands, heathlands, sanddunes and beautiful beaches.
You can enjoy all of this from your own bungalow, holidayhome or appartement/studio..

From your accomodation there are endless posibilities for things to do on the Island.
We accomodate 120 km of bicycle roads which take you through the scenic towns, woods and sanddunes.
The beach is within walking distance of most of our accomodations.

Texel host a number of activities which includes parachuting, catamaran sailing, horsebackriding, surfing, golfing and skeelering.
Everything is possible on Texel

Everything you need for a wonderful holiday!
You have a choice of a number of beatiful holiday homes. In our bungalows you will find everything for a comfortable stay: a fully furnished kitchen, bathroom and a spacious living room.




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